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Hair Mineral Analysis


Ever wonder if you are taking the right vitamins? A Hair Mineral Analysis measures  32 different minerals with end the hair tissue and provides a vivid picture of your internal environment. This test is essentially the blue print  of your health, so we can determine which vitamins your individual body needs.

Meet Belinda York CN.


Belinda has been a part of the nutrition industry for over 35 years. She holds a degree in nutrition and a science of herbs. She has led various speaking engagements thru out the DFW area on women's health ,children's health, seniors health and much more .

Belinda offers one on one nutritional consulting with a special focus on hair analysis.   

So Healthy Vitamins uses only the finest ingredients . You never have to worry about how fresh
So Healthy vitamins are. They are non GMO Wheat and Gluten free with science -based formulas.